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As a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, Douglas Ridley is highly knowledgeable in criminal law. His expertise and over 2 decades of legal insight allow his clients to trust that he will fight for them. Spending five years as a district attorney enabled him to learn how a case progresses throughout the legal process. With that position, he was required to gather all statements and evidence for a case in order to build a solid case against the criminally accused. Insight and practice from those years of service afforded him a significant advantage in fighting for his clients rights. Providing dedicated and understanding legal aid when you need it most, our entire legal team is prepared to create a solid defense on your behalf. We have successfully achieved positive case results including reductions in DUI charges, rehabilitation instead of jail time, and more!

"When life throws you a curve ball and you need an ace on the mound, call Doug he will save the day. We got lucky and called Doug's office on a whim and because of their honesty and integrity lead us to a path of overcoming a very traumatic situation. Never once felt they just cared to get paid, but that we were family when they took our case on and we were in it together. I seriously love these guys."


"I had an excellent experience with this Law firm. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs a defense attorney. My case was dismissed. Thank you."


"Last year in the summertime I decided to drive drunk inexcusably. In this really strict county, I got arrested for my second DUI. I realized I wanted to hire an attorney immediately, but whom should I hire? What should I do first? Money was tight, and I knew that due to COVID, I wouldn't be capable of meeting anyone in person. I was recommended to Ridley Defense by a family member. I called and they answered every single one of my questions and also made me feel like my life wasn't over. Immediately after, they reached out and provided me with precisely what I needed, honesty and guidance. I couldn't have selected a better lawyer. They checked-in with me regularly and made me feel relaxed and also on the right path. That only goes to show how much they really care for clients and their well-being. I was very comfortable and reassured of the outcomes after the process came to an end. I was not just happy for a favorable result. I am so proud to say that I'm satisfied as a client, I'm currently back employed and participating in a DUI program. I can't really imagine anyone else helping me more! I'm so thankful more than anything else for having Ridley Defense by my side."


"First time needing a lawyer and I made a great choice. Would definitely go to them again if needed."


"I cannot thank Ridley defense enough!! From the start, through the first call, they got the job done and got my sons bogus reckless driving ticket DISMISSED!!! They are clearly the best around. I had white glove service through the whole process. The Best!!!!!"


"I would definitely give a six star rating if it was possible. I really can’t explain how thankful I am to Ridley Defense. At first, I wasn’t too sure how to go about getting a lawyer for my situation but this 3rd time around I knew I had to. I was referred by a really good friend of mine who was in a similar situation. If you’re looking for someone who is going to fight for you, these people are the ones to call. Not all heroes wear capes. They got me the best deal I could have hoped for. I couldn’t even believe it at first. I was expecting the worst. I will forever be thankful to Ridley Defense. They treated me like family."


"Ridley’s Defense handles cases efficiently and professionally. You know you are in good hands having them working on your side. Thanks for all you do Ridley Defense!"


"I'm giving 5 stars for a really simple reason, I received 5-star service. From the first call, I knew I was in excellent hands. When I got on the phone, I could feel a genuine energy and I felt that same energy throughout my experience with the firm. While I worked with one of firm's associates for the majority of my case, I was happy to hear from the principal, Doug, very early on in the process who assured me that he would be available if I needed him, but that he was placing me in the care of an experienced attorney who would go the extra mile for me--and she did. Danielle was always courteous, communicative, responsive, proactive, resourceful, and strategic. She made smart suggestions and decisions for my benefit. She resolved my case in my favor in less than a week. In all, I had a stellar experience with the firm beginning to end and am sure I hired the best in the business when I locked them in. Hire them and thank me later! :-)"

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