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Effectively Challenging Your Criminal Charges

Are you accused of committing a crime in or around Agoura Hills, California? The first thing you should do after your arrest is to contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will know how to best protect your rights. At Ridley Defense, we have an Agoura Hills criminal defense attorney who has spent years on both sides of the criminal justice system. Attorney Douglas H. Ridley is a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, which means that he knows how prosecutors operate. This gives the lawyer a competitive edge when he is looking for weaknesses in prosecutors’ cases against his criminal defense clients.

After handling thousands of criminal cases throughout his career, Mr. Ridley is fully prepared to provide defense for a broad spectrum of charges. Whether you are accused of a traffic offense or a Third Strike charge that can potentially result in a life prison term, our law firm is able to help you aggressively fight conviction. We handle cases that involve theft offenses, sex crimes, white collar crimes and many other types of offenses. Minors accused of committing offenses can turn to us for assistance with their juvenile crime cases. These are just a few of our many service areas.

Attorney With Community Recognition

In addition to serving his clients, Attorney Ridley is also highly active in his community. The lawyer, who has won multiple awards as a businessperson, he is a former Chairman of both the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce and the Moorpark Chamber of Commerce. He is also a former President of the Rotary of Moorpark Morning and a member of the ProVisors® Professional Networking Group. Contact our office and schedule a time to receive a review of your case and initial legal advice at absolutely no charge!

Serving Agoura Hills, CA

Our firm serves residents of Agoura Hills, California, which is located in the eastern Conejo Valley in Los Angeles County. Agoura Hills is considered to be a city that is safer than average, whether it is being compared to all communities in the U.S. or just to cities of similar population size. The chances of becoming a crime victim in Agoura Hills are 1 in 74, compared to the national average or 1 in 30 for communities of all sizes. This city of Agoura Hills has a total crime rate (indicating the number of annual crimes per 1,000 residents) of 13.48, which is made up of a violent crime rate of 0.83 and a property crime rate of 12.65. Additional information about this city can be found using the following links.

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