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Clients that choose Ridley Defense realize that it’s not good enough to have just an adequate attorney. Doug Ridley is a former Deputy District Attorney and one of the most talented attorneys practicing in Southern California today. Doug brings more than 25 years of experience and relationships within the courts to your case. Ridley Defense is focused on getting the best possible resolution on criminal cases for our clients. Criminal Defense is the ONLY law that we practice. We are passionate, experienced, and a caring hand during challenging times.

Benefits of an Experienced Prosecutor

Ridley Defense practices in a very proactive way. Because of Doug’s experience in reviewing, investigating, and prosecuting all kinds of criminal cases we are very comfortable interfacing with law enforcement, experts, and prosecutors even BEFORE your first court date or pre-arrest. We can often solve a problem BEFORE it becomes a problem. We can assist with advocacy, avoiding prosecution, understanding and attaining bail, and of course defense of your case. Our first step in handling charges that are sent to the District Attorney’s office (i.e. you have been contacted via phone, arrested, cited or sent a summons to appear) is to see if your case is eligible for dismissal or a reduction in charges.

Just tell us what happened, and we’ll take care of the rest.  Guilty or Innocent, we can help.  No judgment, we help put families back together.

Our Firm’s Process

Our normal process includes a heavy review of your case to make sure that paperwork was completed properly by law enforcement, evidence was collected in the required way, you were questioned constitutionally, and more. If there are flaws in your case, we pride ourselves on finding them and attaining a dismissal or reduction in charges from the prosecutor. We take a human approach to this part of your case as well. Often a prosecutor can be swayed to reject or reduce your charges if your character merits. Once a case proceeds and is filed, there are still many ways that we can win your case.

If you find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer, hire one who has experience, knowledge, passion and knows how to win.  We are local and we know how to get you the absolute best possible outcome for your case.  Call us today at (805) 208-1866.

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Whether you need advisement, negotiation, damage control, or aggressive courtroom representation, our caring, compassionate, and tactically brilliant attorneys will fight for you.

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