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If someone is pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, they may be subjected to a number of sobriety tests. Just because one or all of these tests indicate a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 (being legally drunk), or an even higher level of BAC, does not mean that the case is closed for the prosecutor. These tests have been proven to be erroneous on numerous occasions, and with such a room for error some test results may be thrown out. With the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney, sobriety tests may not be able to hold anything against you.

Take a Closer Look at Breath Tests

These tests are taken on the road and are administered by a police officer. A breathalyzer will measure the BAC of the air, not your blood. The breathalyzer must be regularly cleaned and calibrated to yield reliable results. There is also room for human error in the test. Even the temperature can skew the results, as can some medical conditions. The officer is supposed to account for some of this by watching you for 20 minutes, to see if you vomit, burp, or other bodily functions, as these are known to produce erroneous readings. Even though taking the breath test may seem to give a prosecutor dubious hard data that can be used against you, remember that if you refuse to take the test, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended. In addition, you may have even given officer grounds for your arrest for suspicion of DUI. Also bear in mind that a skilled DUI lawyer may be able to call any such evidence into question.

Understanding Blood Tests

Blood tests are generally much more accurate. They are performed by professionals at a hospital or police station. Still, there is room for error throughout every step of the process from drawing the blood, sealing, preserving, and even labeling the sample. Time delays can also adversely affect your reading. While the results of a blood test are much more trustworthy, they still do not seal your conviction. An experienced DUI defense attorney can investigate your case to ensure that only accurate evidence is involved in your case.

Former Prosecutor Now on Your Side

At Ridley Defense, Ventura DUI defense attorney Douglas H. Ridley has over a decade of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, and on top of that, he has several years’ experience as a prosecutor. His years as a Deputy District Attorney for Ventura have equipped him with the thorough knowledge of a criminal case. Not only can he anticipate the prosecution’s actions, but he further has the knowledge from all angles of how to build a successful defense case. He is committed to fighting for his clients, to getting their charges reduced or dismissed. This professionalism, experience, and peer recognition have led to him being a lawyer with an Avvo rating of Excellent. Do not delay in retaining an outstanding DUI lawyer. Your reputation and freedom may depend on it. Fill out a free case evaluation and contact our firm today! We are available 24/7.

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