White Collar Crimes in Southern California

Defending Those Accused of White Collar Crimes in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and the Surrounding Areas

An arrest for a white Collar crime in Southern California can be devastating for your reputation and your career.  You need a highly qualified white-collar defense attorney to represent you. Why put your future on the line? Contact Ridley Defense today at (805) 208-1866 to speak with a leading criminal defense lawyer that can help fight the charges against you.

Attorney Douglas Ridley and his team are well-respected defense attorneys throughout Southern California.  They are recognized for their ethics and professionalism with law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and court staff.  At Ridley Defense, we work with the courts to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients.

As a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Ridley knows what it takes to secure a conviction.  He uses that knowledge to develop strategic defenses for his clients. A white-collar conviction can not only ruin a person’s reputation but can also be career-ending.  At Ridley Defense, we understand that the people accused of white-collar crimes are rarely hardened criminals, but are everyday people who may have made a poor decision or simply been falsely accused.  No matter what the circumstances of your case, our team can help.

Common White Collar Crime Offenses

White-collar crimes are generally non-violent offenses committed against a person or business for financial gain.  Depending on the case, a person could face both state and federal charges. Some of the most common forms of white-collar offenses are:

Fraud – Fraud is an umbrella term incorporating several white-collar crimes.  If convicted of fraud or a related offense, you could face jail time, substantial fines, restitution, and even imprisonment.  While there are numerous different types of fraud, some of the most frequently charged include bank fraud, mail fraud, credit card fraud, wire fraud, and identity theft.

Forgery – Forgery is a form of fraud.  Under Penal Code 470, a person may be convicted of forgery if they sign the name of another person without the authority to do so, if they sign the name of a fictitious person, if they falsify a will or other recorded instrument, or if they attempt to pass a fraudulent check, bond or other note. 

Embezzlement – Under California Penal Code 503, “Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of property by a person to whom it has been entrusted.”  Embezzlement is most often committed against an employer by an employee. The punishment for embezzlement depends on the value of the property appropriated.

Money Laundering – Pursuant to Penal Code 186.10, money laundering is punishable by up to one (1) year in jail and a fine not to exceed $250,000 or twice the value of the property transacted, whichever is greater.  Under this code section, it is unlawful to conduct or attempt to conduct certain monetary transactions with the specific intent to “promote, manage, establish, carry on, or facilitate” criminal activity.

PerjuryPenal Code 118 makes it unlawful for a  person to state as true “any material matter which he or she knows to be false” when testifying under oath.  

Hiring a Leading White Collar Defense Attorney in Southern California

Why risk your freedom and your future to an inexperienced attorney?  The leading defense lawyers at Ridley Defense know what is at stake for you and your family when you are facing white-collar crime charges.

Contact Ridley Defense today at (805) 208-1866 for a complimentary consultation and get your life back on track.

Receive Guided Support through this difficult time.

Whether you need advisement, negotiation, damage control, or aggressive courtroom representation, our caring, compassionate, and tactically brilliant attorneys will fight for you.

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