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As a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, Douglas Ridley is highly knowledgeable in criminal law. His expertise and over 2 decades of legal insight allow his clients to trust that he will fight for them. Spending five years as a district attorney enabled him to learn how a case progresses throughout the legal process. With that position, he was required to gather all statements and evidence for a case in order to build a solid case against the criminally accused. Insight and practice from those years of service afforded him a significant advantage in fighting for his clients rights. Providing dedicated and understanding legal aid when you need it most, our entire legal team is prepared to create a solid defense on your behalf. We have successfully achieved positive case results including reductions in DUI charges, rehabilitation instead of jail time, and more!

"I am so happy that I chose to use Ridley Defense. Danielle successfully helped to get me the best possible outcome in a very short period of time. She jumped right on my case as soon as she was hired and kept in good contact with me throughout the process. I would highly recommend her and the other attorneys at Ridley Defense!"


"So helpful. Went out of their way to help me resolve my issue by offering to call the county clerk to clarify an issue with my drivers license. Would use them again and again. Professional, polite and helpful."


"Very very very good lawyers who know exactly what you need, and how to get it. I would definitely recommend them and also if I could give you any advice just listening to what your lawyer tells you, they are going to do what's best for you."


"I had a great experience with Ridley Defense. They communicated with me throughout the process and made everything very simple and clear."


"Danielle is the MOST caring and BEST Lawyer you will ever find on planet earth!!!!! Danielle was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the law, system, and court personnel. She made herself readily available for any questions, no matter how small, and fought hard for fair treatment of my case. From the very beginning, she was so compassionate which helped calm my nerves. She reassured me that I was in the right place and that she would take care of my case. She clearly explained the process and kept me up to date. She ended up getting a complete dismissal on my case! Best possible outcome! I can’t thank her enough, she is the absolute best. I would highly recommend Ridley Defense!!!"


"When I needed a DUI attorney, I had a good friend who is an attorney ask around and he said that Ridley Defense was who he'd choose if his freedom was on the line and I'm so grateful I went with this recommendation. Tal fought hard for me and got me a more serious charge dropped that absolutely helped me keep my family together. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Without a doubt the best defense out there."


"Forever client here. My case was 10 years ago and the staff is still helpful. They immediately assisted with a referral lawyer who deals with a particular type of lawsuit, same day. Thank you Claire."


"Happy endings are always great news. My experience with Ridley Defense was positive in every way. The story is more than just the outcome, sometimes its about the people or in this case the person. This story for me is about an Attorney who is with Ridley Defense named Tal Koyman. From the first time we spoke I had the feeling of confidence he had my best interests in my mind. It wasn't just that, sometimes you meet someone who is good at what they do and also you can tell they are just a good person, Tal is one of these people. My 5 stars is for Ridley Defense but more important for me, my 5 star review is for Tal Koyman. Thank you again Sir."

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