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As a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney, Douglas Ridley is highly knowledgeable in criminal law. His expertise and over 2 decades of legal insight allow his clients to trust that he will fight for them. Spending five years as a district attorney enabled him to learn how a case progresses throughout the legal process. With that position, he was required to gather all statements and evidence for a case in order to build a solid case against the criminally accused. Insight and practice from those years of service afforded him a significant advantage in fighting for his clients rights. Providing dedicated and understanding legal aid when you need it most, our entire legal team is prepared to create a solid defense on your behalf. We have successfully achieved positive case results including reductions in DUI charges, rehabilitation instead of jail time, and more!

"No traffic ticket in almost 40 years, yet in a single evening I made up for that and was facing jail time. After reading the 50 ads that came in my mailbox the next day, I contacted an attorney. They treated me more like a burden than a client, so I switched and found Ridley Defense. Ridley Defense is a group of legal professionals that I recommend you have on your side. They provided me with the legal expertise to help unravel a court system that is foreign to most people and definitely slanted against you. They explained how established court guidelines function and where and when your attorney can push back to produce the best outcome. Most importantly, they calmed me and helped emphasize that this is only temporary."

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