Traffic Offense Representation

Handling Traffic Violations in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Throughout Los Angeles County

Many people assume that traffic offenses are minor matters that can be resolved without an attorney.  In Southern California, a traffic violation could result in points on your license, significant fines, or even jail time.  You need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney that can help you understand the charges against you and, more importantly, get your life back on track.  

Attorney Doug Ridley is an experienced trial attorney.  As a former prosecutor, Mr. Ridley understands how the other side prepares their case and structures their arguments.  At Ridley Defense, we will not only build a strong defense in your case, but we will also help protect your career and your driving privileges.  Our team is dedicated to representing you in and out of court. Contact Ridley Defense today for a complimentary case consultation.  Remember, you will never harm your case by contacting us too early, only by contacting us too late.

Common Traffic Offenses

Some of the most common traffic offenses include:

No matter what the circumstances of your case, the attorneys at Ridley Defense are here to help.  Depending on the violation, a traffic offense can be charged as an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony.  An infraction such as violation of Vehicle Code section 22349(a) can result in a high fine and 1 point on your driving record.  Driving on a suspended license (violation of Vehicle Code section 14601) is a misdemeanor and can result in imprisonment in county jail and a fine of up to $1000.

Because the penalties vary depending on the traffic offense, it is imperative that you contact a leading criminal defense attorney immediately after you are arrested or receive a citation.  The earlier you contact Ridley Defense, the more we can help with your case.

Finding the Right Traffic Offense Attorney

If you have received a citation for a traffic violation out of Southern California, contact the team at Ridley Defense immediately.  We understand how important your license is and will fight hard to protect your driving privileges. In many cases, you may have an administrative per se hearing through the California Department of Motor Vehicles and a criminal court case.  Let our traffic offense lawyers help you and your family through this difficult time.  We are passionate about helping our clients and defending their rights.

Call our offices today at (805) 208-1866.

Receive Guided Support through this difficult time.

Whether you need advisement, negotiation, damage control, or aggressive courtroom representation, our caring, compassionate, and tactically brilliant attorneys will fight for you.

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