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Marijuana is Legal, but You Can Still Get Charged for Driving Under the Influence

Recreational marijuana is now legal in California, but like alcohol, it will be highly regulated. And like alcohol, this means that you must be 21 to use it, and under Vehicle Code 23152(f), you cannot drive while under the influence of it.

Keeping up with changing laws can be overwhelming, especially if you are facing charges and are unsure of your rights. That is why you need an experienced lawyer on your side. At Ridley Defense, we work hard to defend clients against all DUI charges, including those involving marijuana. Douglas H. Ridley is a former Ventura County deputy district attorney who knows how to work with prosecutors. You can rely on his experience and reputation in the Southern California legal community. He is prepared to fight to protect your rights.

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What Are The Penalties For Marijuana DUI?

If you face marijuana DUI charges, the penalties may include the following:

  • Possible jail sentence of up to six months
  • Fines up to $4,000
  • A driver’s license suspension
  • Drug assessment and education
  • Probation

These are just the penalties for a first-time offense. If this is a subsequent offense, the penalties will be more severe.

In addition to DUI drugs charges, you can receive a ticket and negligent driving points on your license if there is an open container of cannabis or consumption of cannabis in the vehicle, regardless of who may be using it. If you are pulled over with cannabis in the car, the matter will be handled like having an open container of alcohol in the car.

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