/ 11.11.22

I Was Accused of Sexual Assault. How Do I Prove My Case?

Written by: Doug Ridley

What to Do If You Are Facing Sex Crime Charges

An allegation of sexual assault is one of the most serious charges you can be facing in our criminal court system. Some of our clients have made a terrible mistake and need legal advice and damage control. Some of our clients believed they were operating with consent, and are shocked to hear something different the next day. Some of our clients are 100% innocent of everything they are charged with.

Whether you need someone to guide you through the system or someone to aggressively litigate every aspect of the case, you need legal representation to come up with a strategy for defending you from these serious charges. 

At Ridley Defense, we understand the gravity of sexual assault charges. We provide dedicated, compassionate representation for individuals who have been accused of a sex crime in Southern California. Founder Douglas Ridley is a former Ventura County sex crimes prosecutor with over 20 years of criminal defense experience. He and the entire legal team at Ridley Defense will work hard to get a positive disposition in your case. 

If you have been accused of sexual assault, contact Ridley Defense  for a complimentary consultation.

Proving Your Case

It is important to remember that an arrest or charges do not mean that you will be convicted of the offense. In the United States, an individual is innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to defend yourself against false accusations or a misunderstanding. However, without the help of an experienced sex crime attorney, it may be difficult to prove your case.

In most instances, allegations of sexual assault will need to be independently reviewed and investigated. An attorney can help to uncover evidence that may help explain the situation or prove your innocence. In some cases, it may be as simple as mistaken identification; in others, it may be more complex. Either way, without legal representation, you will have to face the often daunting criminal process alone. 

Why You Need an Attorney

Sexual assault allegations carry a stigma that can affect your employment, your volunteer work, and your reputation. An attorney can help resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Early intervention can prove critical in sex crime cases. It is in your best interest to retain legal counsel prior to making a statement to the police. An attorney can help you avoid saying things or answering questions that may be taken out of context. 

Trying to clear your name on your own may end up causing more harm than good. An attorney will work with you and prosecutors to arrive at the best possible outcome in your case. If you are accused of sexual assault, remember to stay off of social media and never talk about your case with anyone except for your attorney. 

Facing Accusations of Sexual Assault? Contact Our Office

Are you facing allegations of sexual assault or misconduct in Southern California? Contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation. Get the experienced representation you need and deserve. 

The Ridley Defense legal team will work tirelessly to help you through this challenging time. Do not wait; whether you are being investigated for or have been formally charged with sexual assault, now is the time to act. The sooner we are retained, the more we will be able to do for you. Call today to get started. 

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